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Families living in poverty often do without or delay medical care due to the cost involved. For many, the expense of health care can push poor families deeper into poverty. M’Lop Tapang offers free care at our Medical Clinic as well as in the community during Medical Outreach trips.

Our Medical Clinic is adjacent to the Education Center and each day and sees more than 50 patients a day. Common illnesses seen at the Clinic are typical of children and families living in poverty – diarrhea, dengue hemorrhagic fever, respiratory infections, skins infections, and malnutrition.

In addition to the full-time Khmer staff of doctors and nurses, the Medical Clinic benefits from local and international volunteers who donate short periods of their time and expertise.


Activities 2016 Total
# of treatment provided for children  in Medical Clinic 30493
# of treatment provided for adult in Medical Clinic 1644