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The Vocational Training Program helps vulnerable youth secure decent work that will allow them to lead a more dignified life. Direct beneficiaries are Cambodian youth aged 15+ years who are either unemployed or in menial jobs; not in full time education; victims of abuse; or former drug users.

Areas of vocational training are designed to the meet job market needs in Sihanoukville and include:
• Sewing
• Bicycle and motorcycle repair
• Electrics and plumbing
• Cookery and Hospitality
• Professional Dancing

Under the guidance of experienced instructors, the training includes both theory and hands-on learning and lasts from between 6 months to 2 years depending on the students’ abilities. As well as specific skills training, students also receive English lessons, Khmer literacy, IT lessons and health education classes as well as join in with sports and fun events. Each youth has a designated social worker providing support to both them and their families

Once a student is confident in his or her ability and has completed the required training, our Jobs Placement Officer assists with finding a safe work placement and provides post-employment follow-up. In partnership with local authorities, all graduates receive an official certificate of completion from the Provincial Department of Labor and Vocational Training.