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Think ChildSafe
In your daily life and during your travels, you might be confronted by situations where children are in distress or at risk of being abused or harmed. These seven tips from the ChildSafe Network provide you with information, suggested courses of action, and practical advice on what to do so that you can be a ChildSafe traveler.

7 Better Ways to Help Protect Children Around the World

Tip #1: Support Childsafe network members
Tip #2 :Think! before buying and giving to begging children
Tip #3 :Think! How to Protec children from exploitative labloour
Tip #4 :Think! Children are not tourist attractions
Tip #5 :Think! before taking a child back to your hotel room
Tip #6 :Think! When faced with a situation of potential sexual exploitation of children
Tip #7 :Think! Keep your eyes wide open

For more information on the international ChildSafe program visit: