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If you or friends are visiting Sihanoukville:
Remember the ChildSafe Traveler Tips: Seven better ways to help protect children around the world.

Make the responsible choice. Choose ChildSafe.
Look for the “thumbs up” logo and choose to a stay in a ChildSafe hotel or guesthouse or take a ChildSafe taxi when you can.

Drop by one of the Tapang’s Shop located on the road to Serendipity Beach and inside the Sandan restaurant. This non-profit venture sells products made by young people and mothers in our training programs.

Dine at Sandan to enjoy a delicious meal and provide experience for the vocational training students.

Learn more how to be a ChildSafe traveler. Ask Sandan team who will happily provide a ChildSafe presentation in our ChildSafe teaching room.

Consider bringing clothing or school supplies to drop off that can be used for the children and youth in our programs. Just email us first to make sure the items will be useful here in Cambodia
Contact: info@mloptapang.org