Daravuth*, one of seven children growing up in a poor family dropped out of school when he was in grade 7. His mother had died a couple of years earlier and his father, who worked as a simple security guard, couldn’t afford to keep sending Daravuth to school.

After stopping school the young teenager began hanging around with a rough crowd and started doing drugs. Our Outreach Team met him during this time when they were visiting the village he lived in. After meeting Daravuth and his family, the team encouraged the teenager to join one of M’Lop Tapang vocational training programs.

Recently, after about a year and a half of studying cooking and service skills at Sandan, M’Lop Tapang’s vocational training restaurant for disadvantaged youth, our Jobs Placement Officer helped Daravuth to secure a full-time job as a cook at a local hotel here in Sihanoukville.

I am happy that M’Lop Tapang helped me to learn a skill for a job.  Now I can help my family more to make sure they have enough to eat.”

*name changed for confidentiality

Learn more about M’Lop Tapang’s vocational training programs: http://mloptapang.org/projects/vocational-training/