Like all of the youth in our training programs, Saravuth* was born into a very poor rice-farming family.  He stopped going to school in Grade 6 because his parents could not afford to send his to school any longer. After he left school he just stayed home and helped his parents do farming.  Because of the family’s poverty, when he left the family when he was a young teen to become a monk for two years in a pagoda in Sihanoukville.

Our Outreach Team met Saravuth when he was 15 years old.  He had left the pagoda and was living in a village where our team visits often. When the Outreach Team told him about M’Lop Tapang vocational training programs the youth was very eager to join.

Saravuth spent about a year and a half in our training program learning skills needed for air-conditioner and eclectics repair.  During this time he also learned about the soft skills need to be a good employer, attended English language classes, and joined other students in recreational and social activities.  After recently completing his training, our jobs officer assisted Saravuth, now 17 years old, in finding employment at a local air conditioner repair shop. He is starting at a salary of $140/month and will receive an increase following a three month probationary period.  Our training team will continue to follow up with him and his new employer to make sure his transition to the workplace goes smoothly.

*name changed for confidentiality