“I feel so lucky like I win the lottery!”
10 year old Roeun*is studying in Grade 4 and loves going to school but sometimes getting there is not easy. He lives with his parents and siblings in a small wooden house in the middle of a palm tree plantation. His parents work in the plantation and in return have a place to stay and an income of about $50/month. To get to school Roeun must walk the 3 kilometers winding lonely dirt road every morning and another 3 kilometers back home.
Earlier this year Rouen’s parents asked the local village authority if he could help to find a bicycle for the young boy as well as bicycles for the neighbor children. The village chief contacted M’Lop Tapang.
Last week when the M’Lop Tapang team showed up in the village with 3 shiny new bicycles (one for Rouen and two more for other children living nearby) the young boy and his family were so surprised. “I feel so lucky like I win the lottery!” Roeun said, smiling from ear to ear. This is the first bicycle the young boy has ever owned.
With a new bicycle Roeun can now easily get to and from school every day. Now that he has a new means of transport he plans to start attending some of the extra classes the school offers.
On behalf of everyone here at M’Lop Tapang we want to thank everyone who donated so generously last year to help fund new bicycles for Cambodian children. Your gift continues to have a huge impact in the lives of children and families here in Cambodia.
*name changed for confidentiality