Children grow up best in a safe, loving environment. M’Lop Tapang works together with families and in collaboration with local authorities to ensure every child we meet that has been separated from their immediate family is, if at all possible, reintegrated back into their immediate family, extended family, or family-environment foster care in their neighborhood.

Our teams have been working with 12-year old Navann* and his family for several years. Navann’s father died a few years ago and he was being raised by his mother here in Sihanoukville.  Navann attended public school through M’Lop Tapang’s ‘Back to School Program’, his mother was a member in our alcohol support group, and our Outreach team helped with emergency food and other supplies when necessary.  Navann also had medical problems that needed addressed and was being provided with ongoing treatment at our clinic. When his mother died last year, the young boy moved into M’Lop Tapang’s Transitional Home until he finished his treatment of medical care and our social workers could locate appropriate extended family that could care for him.

Last month, Navann was helped to move to another province to live with one of his aunts. He is now back in a family atmosphere, healthy, and continuing to go to school. Follow-up after reintegration is fundamental and our social workers will visit him routinely over the next several months to make sure he is doing well.

*name and photo changed for confidentiality