When we opened our new Community Education Center last year, 2-year old Sophal* was one of the fist children to enter the Baby Care Program held there.

Sophal’s mother, a single-parent who is also visually impaired, works on the streets collecting recyclable trash to earn an income to support herself, Sophal, and a 5-year-old daughter. When she was out working, the mother would leave the two young children at home alone; the little girl in charge of taking care of her younger brother. When we first met Sophal it was very clear that he was underweight and not very healthy.

Since our new Community Center opened, Sophal’s mother drops her two children off in every morning before she goes out to work. Sophal is now in our Baby Care Program, has gained weight and is much healthier and his 5-year old sister is attending daily Pre-School classes at the Center. Instead of being alone at home during the day, the two young children are now in a safer, supervised environment, receiving medical care and nutritional support, and enjoying spending time and learning with other children their ages.

*name changed for confidentiality