M’Lop Tapang’s Outreach Team works with local families to help them to be able to provide better for their children.  One of the ways the ways the team does this is by assisting families living in poverty with urgent house repairs.

Last week, our Outreach Team worked with Rith*, a father of three young children, to fix their small house.  The family lives in a small, tin-walled house.  Like other families in the neighborhood, Rith and his family do not have electricity or running water. The team purchased the needed supplies and worked alongside Rith to make urgent repairs to the walls of his house, making the structure more stable and fixing the holes that let in the rain.

So far in 2016, M’Lop Tapang’s Outreach Team has helped more than 30 local families with urgently needed house repairs.

*name changed for confidentiality