Life is just a little bit easier for Bopha* now that she can provide better for her family.
Our social workers met Bopha at the beginning of this year when they were visiting the village she lives in with her husband and three young boys. The family was struggling. Bopha was staying at home to look after the children and her husband worked construction when he could.
After meeting with the family, the Outreach team agreed to help them set up a small business to help generate a little more income. Bopha was provided with $100 start up funds to buy fish from the nearby port and to rent a small space at a local market to sell the fish.
Today Bopha and her family are doing better. They make $10-12 a day at their market stall selling fish. Bopha has paid back the funds M’Lop Tapang loaned her to start the business. Her oldest son is now attending school at M’Lop Tapang Education Center while the younger ones are being looked after by a cousin when Bopha is working. She and her husband are now saving and planning to build a better house for the family.
*name changed for confidentiality