The poor and near-poor in Cambodia often lack access to appropriate health services and this holds true for the families that M’Lop Tapang works with.

Our Medical Clinic, adjacent to the Education Center, sees more than 50 patients a day. Common illnesses seen at the Clinic are typical of children and families living in poverty – diarrhea, dengue hemorrhagic fever, respiratory infections, skins infections, and malnutrition.

However, for some poor families we work with even access to the free medical care provided at our Clinic is difficult due to the logistics of getting to the Clinic from distant neighborhoods.  To meet this challenge, medical staff regularly travels with M’Lop Tapang’s Mobile Library program that visits poor areas in and around Sihanoukville. For many families, these visiting nurses or doctors are the only qualified health care professionals they have access to.  Simple illnesses (the most common are respiratory illnesses and skin infections) are treated on the spot while children with more serious illnesses are transported back to the Clinic for more extensive examinations and treatment.

So far in 2015, more than 450 children and more than 140 adults have been provided with medical care through this Medical Outreach program.