One of our favorite stories so far this year is about 22 year old “Bross” who lives near M’Lop Tapang’s Main Center. We met him one day when he was out walking around. He moved to Sihanoukville about 2 months ago and has been blind since birth.

He was very eager to join in some of the programs and after hearing from him that he loved music we invited him to our arts activities to learn more about singing and how to play the keyboards. On his first morning of joining others at the Arts Center for music class he told us he was so excited that he could not sleep the night before. “I never hear the words ‘go learn’ said to me before”.

We are also very proud to see that several of the older youth at M’Lop Tapang, some who have a reputation of being tough street kids, have taken Bross under their wing, looking out for him and helping to make sure he gets to the center and back home again safely each day.