Champa* is a 9-month old baby who was admitted in our Baby Care Program a couple of months ago with a diagnosis of severe malnutrition. She is the youngest of three children (all girls) living with a single parent mother in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Sihanoukville. Champa’s mother loves her children but is struggling with addiction problems, has no proper job, and lacks any social support. Since the children’s father left, Champa’s oldest sister dropped out of school to take care of the youngest siblings at home.

We met Champa when our doctors and nurses visited her village during one of the Medical Outreach trips. During the assessment we learned that because the family did not know better, little Champa had been raised on sugar water only and never received any nutritious food.

Under the care from our Baby Care Program staff and medical staff, in less than 20 days Champa had gained 1.4kg! We can see each week that she looks healthier and happier than when she was admitted to the program.

The Outreach staff and Medical Team continue to work with the mom to improve her parenting skills. We are also very happy to report that because Champa is in the Baby Care Program everyday now that her older sister has been able to return to school.

*name and photo changed for confidentiality