12 year old Ravy*, who has a slight intellectual disability, lives with her single parent mother and two older siblings in Phnom Penh.  Last week after she had a fight with her mother, the young girl ran away from her home and took a bus to Sihanoukville.

A police officer working in the area saw Ravy get off the bus and noticed there was something a little unusual about the quiet young girl traveling alone.  After approaching and talking with Ravy briefly, the officer then called over a ChildSafe certified motorcycle taxi driver who was also working nearby.  The motorcycle called M’Lop Tapang’s   ChildSafe 24-Hour Confidential Hotline.  Our Child Protection team was then dispatched to meet the girl.

Upon hearing the story and meeting with local police authorities it was decided that Ravy could stay in M’Lop Tapang’s Transitional Home temporarily until her mother could be located and contacted. An announcement was made on a popular national radio program in an attempt to locate Ravy’s family.

When the news on the radio was heard that day by the young girl’s mother she phoned the station and was given M’Lop Tapang’s contact details. Arrangements were made and our team accompanied Ravy back to Phnom Penh to be reunited with her family. Upon arriving in the capital, our team and the young girl and her mother all met at a local police station along with social workers from one of our 3PC partner organizations in Phnom Penh that will follow up the case.

*name changed for confidentiality

Learn more about the ChildSafe program: https://thinkchildsafe.org/

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