10 year old Sopheap* used to have to miss school a lot because she often had to stay at home and look after her two younger siblings, the youngest only 18 months old.  Sopheap comes from a poor family. Her father works as a construction worker, but that type of work is not always reliable. Sopheap’s mother earned a little extra income as a street vendor selling fruit in the neighborhood.

Sopheap’s 8 year old brother was coming to M’Lop Tapang’s Community Shelter located in Phnom Kiev, one of the poorer areas of the city.  The staff there met with children’s mother and told her about our Baby Care Program.

The Baby Care Program at Phnom Kiev is for children under the age of five.  The cost to parents is a 2000 Reil ($0.50 USD) per day and includes day time care, nutritious meals, a safe environment to play in, and the supervision of attentive teachers.

With the family’s youngest children now in the Baby Care Program it has meant that Sopheap no longer needs to stay home to look after her and Sopheap and her brother have returned to study full time at the local public school.  Having steady, reliable day care has also allowed Sopheap’s mother to find more stable employment and now works at a local factory earning $160/month which has made a tremendous impact on everyone in the family.

Thank you to M’Lop Tapang. Now my children are healthier and we can buy more food and clothes for them.”

*name changed for confidentiality