Dary* is a 1 year old girl who started in our Baby Care Program early this year.

Dary’s family is poor. Her parents, both of whom are HIV positive, have no steady jobs.  They live in a small room that they rent for $10/month in one of the slum areas of Sihanoukville. Most of the time little Dary was being looked after by her 13-year old sister.  Because of the family’s poverty and lack of knowledge, Dary was being fed with canned condensed sweet milk and rice water.  When our social worker met the family it was obvious that Dary was suffering from malnutrition.

M’Lop Tapang’s Baby Care Program provides day time care for children that have been identified as having malnutrition or suffering from severe neglect.  The infants and toddlers in the program receive supervised care, healthy food, hygiene and medical care.

In less than 3 months since being in the Baby Care Program, Dary’s weight has increased from 5.7 kg when we first met her to now 7.9 kg. She looks much healthier and is more active and playful.

The Medical Team and Outreach Teams continue to work with the family providing health education and support (powdered milk, emergency supplies, and instructions on how to make nutritional food for their baby).  The older 13-year old daughter is now attending classes at our Education Center to catch up with her studies. Another older sibling is in our Vocational Training Program. All of the family receives free medical care and social support.

*name changed for confidentiality