34 year old Sreypech* is the newest parent to complete the Home Based Production Program training.

She and her husband live with their 3 children in a small, windowless, 3m x 3m room that they rent for $25/month.  Sreypech’s husband works when he can as a day laborer.

Sreypech had been working at a local shoe factory but found it difficult to care for her children; her youngest child is a 9 year old girl diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and has severe physical disabilities.  The little girl cannot walk, talk, or feed herself.  When Sreypech had to go to work at the factory her options for taking care of her youngest daughter were limited: she found a sitter when she could or would task her middle child, a 14 year old boy, to stay home from school 1or 2 days a week to look after his sister.  Often she had no choice but to leave the disabled girl locked alone in the room while she went to work.

Now that Sreypech is in the Home Based Production Program she can work from home earning an income from the products she makes.  Her son is not missing school anymore and M’Lop Tapang’s Special Needs team visits regularly to work with Sreypech and her daughter.

It’s better now because I can stay home and take care of my daughter and my boy can go to school every day.”

The Home Based Production Program helps poor families develop a steady, safe source of income generation. Mothers and fathers completing a sewing training program are provided with sewing machines to work with from their homes.  The products they produce are sold in the Tapang’s Shops and other outlets. Having a steady income allows these parents, mostly single mothers, to better provide for their families and to send their children to school.

*all names in this story changed for confidentiality