Lavouch* is 10 year old boy living in Sihanoukville with his parents and older sister. His family is poor, his mother works as a cleaner in a hotel and his father works as a moto-taxi driver.

Although his sister goes to school, young Lavouch has never been to school. From an early age his parents noticed that the young boy had difficulty learning and were always afraid to send him to school because they were concerned that he would have problems with the other children and get into fights.  Instead of going to school Lavouch stayed at home by himself and his dog while his parents went to work.

Recently our staff was visiting the area that Lavouch’s family lives in and his father approached our social worker and explained the problem with his son.  After assessing the situation it was decided that Lavouch could come to our Education Center and start in our “Apple Class”, a designated class for children with learning and behavioral problems.

It has been two weeks now since Lavouch joined the class and he is doing very well.  His teachers report that there have not been any problems with other children in the class, his parents are very happy for him to be finally starting school, and Lavouch is making new friends.

*name and photo changed for confidentiality