Until recently 11-year old Srey Pov* and her older sister used to spend their days on the streets selling small cakes their mother had made and collecting tin cans and bottles for recycling. They both wanted to go to school like other children their age but they needed to work to help support their family.

After meeting the girls on the streets our Outreach social workers met with the family. We learned that their father is chronically ill and cannot work.  The mother and the girls are the only income providers and the money they earned was often not enough to pay the rent for the small room they all lived in or enough to buy as much food as they needed.   The family was also very worried about the paying off a debt they owed to the bank.

Working with the family, the social workers provided emergency support of food and arranged for the father to receive medical care at our Clinic.  Our Outreach team also agreed to help the family start a small business so that they could earn a more reliable and steady income.  With a little start up funds the mother is now buying chickens from just outside the city and reselling them in town for a profit. She is now earning about $10 – $12 a day. With this new income source her daughters no longer need to work on the streets and Srey Pov and her sister have started classes at M’Lop Tapang Education Center to catch up on their studies.

*name and photo changed for confidentiality