Before Covid-19, Sreymom* was working as a housekeeper at a local hotel.  Her husband was working as a moto-taxi driver. They didn’t make a lot of money and had to be very careful with it to support themselves and their five children.   When the global pandemic began, the local tourist industry was impacted greatly and Sreymom, like many others working in the hotel sector, lost her job.  Her husband’s income was also greatly reduced because of a lack of customers.   These parents struggled to provide for their children as well as to pay back small loans they owed. Sreymom was in a need of job and asked our ‘Futures’ team for help.

Futures’, is M’Lop Tapang employment services program for young people and their caretakers.  The program provides participants with skills and needs assessments, social support, employment training and technical support (job readiness, micro- enterprise, tips on becoming a top employee, staying in jobs, preparing CV’s, job searching, interview techniques), and connections to reputable employers.  Since Covid-19, the program has seen a very big rise in the number of parents like Sreymom seeking help.

Our team provided Sreymom with a short training on interview techniques, assisted her in preparing her CV, and arranged for her to interview at a few different businesses that were hiring.  We are very happy to report that on her third interview she was successful in securing a position as a housekeeper at a local hotel.  The job offers her a starting salary of $250USD/month, plus meals and benefits. Sreymom is one of 67 individuals that our Futures team helped in securing safe employment in the last 2 months.

If you are an individual seeking employment assistance or an employer looking for qualified candidates, please contact our Futures team at: futures@mloptapang.org or phone: 016 215 581

*name and photo changed for confidentiality