Earlier this week our Outreach met with one of the families we having been working with to bring them 5 kg of rice and some cans of fish.  Five months ago our team meet this family living on the street and unable to provide for their six children aged 1 to 9 years old. M’Lop Tapang was able to step in and find them very basic housing and helped to pay the costs until the family was able to earn enough to pay the rent on their own. Now that the family is in a more stable environment the three older children have started attending school at our Education Centre and the mom and joined our alcohol support group. The Outreach team will continue to provide them with emergency food supplies and other support until the parents are able to find more regular income to meet their children’s needs.

Every month our Outreach provides more than 600 kg of rice as well as other food supplies to local families in crisis situations.