One of the most recent graduates of our Vocational Training Program is 20-year old Chenda*.

Chenda, like all of the students in the training program, grew up in poverty in a poor area of the city.  The third of five children, he stopped going to school in Grade 6 because his parents could not afford to send him any longer.  His father had no job and his mother works at a local karaoke club. With little education and no skills Chenda spent most of his teenage years working as a low-paid laborer at construction sites when he could.

When visiting the neighborhood where Chenda lives our social workers met his father who asked if we could help his son.  After meeting with the young man it was quickly apparent that he could benefit from joining the Vocational Training Program at M’Lop Tapang.

Chenda spent just over one year studying electrics in the training program. In addition to learning specific job skills about electrics he also had the opportunity to learn soft skills such as money management and relationship building – talents that will enable him to be more successful in the future. Chenda graduated from the training program recently and was assisted to find employment.

He now has safe, steady employment as an electrics repairman at a local hotel beach hotel. His starting salary is $130/month and includes meals, accommodation, and one day off per week. His salary is scheduled to increase even more after his probation period.

Like most of the graduates we work with, having an increased income impacts the whole family. With the income from his new job Chenda has been able to help his family move into better housing and is also helping to support one of his younger siblings to go to school.

As part of the program our team will continue to follow up with Chenda, his family, and his employer.

*name changed for confidentiality