18-year old Vanna*, the youngest of seven children in his family, grew up in a poor rural rice farming area outside of Sihanoukville. He dropped out of school in Grade 3 because his parents couldn’t afford to send him to study.

We met Vanna in 2017 after he had moved to the city to live with one of his sisters and look for work.  When our Outreach Team told him about M’Lop Tapang’s vocational training programs he was excited to join. After studying for a little more than one year he recently completed his training in motorcycle and bicycle repair.  With assistance from his family and our ‘Futures’ employment program, Vanna has now set up a small motor repair shop back in the village he grew up in.  His little shop is doing well so far and Vanna is very proud.

“I never believed before that I could do something like this, but now I can. If there are upcoming students from M’Lop Tapang’s training program that need to learn and have a place to practice I would be happy to welcome them at my shop and help to teach them.”

*name and photo changed for confidentiality

If you know of a disadvantaged youth living in the local area that could benefit from our training programs, or if you are a local business owner that would like to help support training and jobs for youth, please contact our “Futures” employment office at: (855) 16 215 581 or email to: futures@mloptapang.org