14 year old Sreyleak* is one of the most recent students to join our education “Bridging Program” that helps children and youth who have never been to school (or have been out of school for a long time) catch up with their studies.

Sreyleak has never attended public school when she was growing up. The family is very poor and wanted the young girl to earn money instead of going to school.  Sreyleak spent most of her childhood working on the beach selling fireworks.

Our Outreach Team has been working with Sreyleak’s family for several months. The team has spent a lot of time explaining to her parents the importance of sending their children to school so that they will be a better future.  The team is also supporting the family with some rice and other supplies regularly.

The great news is that Sreyleak is not the only one in her family to start school recently.  Joining her to study at M’Lop Tapang’s Education Center are her two younger brothers, ages 9 and 11 years old.

*name and photo changed for confidentiality