Last weekend the local police department contacted our Hotline for assistance in helping to find the family of a little 3 year old boy who was lost.  The police had become aware of the boy when neighbors told them that the boy had been walking around on his own all day and night.  The police brought the boy to M’Lop Tapang and told the neighbors as well as taxi-drivers in the area that if the boy’s family came looking for him to contact us.  Our Transitional Home provided a safe place for him stay overnight. The next day when the family went to the police department for help and were informed that the boy was at M’Lop Tapang they proceeded to our center and were safely reunited.

Thank you to everyone who helped with this case – the local residents in the neighborhoods who contacted the police, the local officials who contacted our Hotline, and our Outreach and Hotline staff (some who came in on their day off) who helped keep the boy safe until he was back home.  If you are living in the Sihanoukville area and see a child in danger you can call our 24-Hour Confidential Hotline at any time: 012 478 100