Mealea* has been a member of our Home Based Production Program since 2010. Divorced many years ago, she was the sole income provider for her four children when we first met her. Like all of the parents in the program she was living in poverty and struggling to provide for her children.

She joined the program because her children were at risk of dropping of school as she couldn’t afford to keep sending them to study.  “I used to work making straw brooms to sell, but it was hard and the money was not very good.

Joining the Home Based Production Program, Mealea completed a sewing training program and was provided with a sewing machine to work with from her home.  The products she produces are sold in the Tapang’s Shops and other outlets.  She now earns about $120/month from what she makes.  “With the money I made from selling the products I was able to make sure my children stayed in school and had food to eat

Her children are grown now, all four having completed high school and her youngest daughter is studying at University in hopes of becoming a teacher. Mealea continues to part of the Home Based Production Program.  “I still work from home sewing things to sell. When I work from home I can help to look after my grandson and make sure he will go to school when he is old enough.

*name changed for confidentiality