Hello M’Lop Tapang,

I have been raising money in the UK to help needy children around the world to receive much need educational supplies. Today, I visited your shop in Sihanoukville and met this delightful lady. Here is my story and a few photos which I thought you may like to use:

“This is a lady who works for M’Lop Tapang, a local non-profit organization, has been working with the street children of Sihanoukville, Cambodia since 2003. They provide shelter, medical care, sports, arts, education, training, counseling, family support and protection from all types of abuse. There is a big drive in Cambodia to prevent child trafficking but unfortunately there are a lot children still out of school, working to try and make a living for themselves and their family.

After talking to this lady and checking which educational supplies would be useful for the children who benefit from the M’Lop Tapang charity, I went a bought as big a box as I could physically carry full of all of the requested items (from a local shop, therefore supporting an independent store). This box included note books, packs of HB pencils, packets of pens, a whole box of erasers, a whole box of pencil sharpers, rulers, crayons and colouring pens. When the tuk tuk driver dropped me off outside the M’Lop Tapang shop in Sihanoukville (where products made by children on vocation courses are sold to fund their education), the smile spread across this lady’s face was like nothing I have ever seen, a genuine smile of appreciation, even though she was not the recipient of the donation.