This week is the opening of our new Community Education Center in the area of Village 35, Sihanoukville.

The Center is modeled on a similar program we ran for over 10 years in another location of the city. The location of our new Community Education Center in Village 35 is the near Sihanoukville Port where there are an increasing number of families living with children and have no access to learning, health care, or child safety. M’Lop Tapang has identified the children in this area to be the most vulnerable in the city. Most younger children are not attending school and are malnourished. Parents have very low, unstable incomes, plus there is a lot of drug/ alcohol addiction, violence and ill health amongst families here. Although we have worked there for years through outreach services, now is the time where we need a permanent base and constant presence, so that basic, safe services can be delivered to younger children on a daily basis.

The new Community Education Center in Village 35 plans to provide:
Learning opportunities for children and youth at different levels: preschool/early childhood classes, non-formal education classes for older children, as well as evening-time English language classes.
Daily nutritional support for children attending activities at the Center
• Safe areas for play and recreation.
• A Baby Care program providing supervised day-time for vulnerable young children under the age of five that includes healthy meals, medical care, sensory room, as well as age appropriate fun learning activities.