Child Protection


Child Protection

Safeguarding children remains the highest priority of M’Lop Tapang. Our designated Child Protection Team works with individual children and their families, with local authorities, and with community members. The focus of child protection services is on prevention, response, support for victims of abuse, recovery, and reintegration.

Our 24-Hour Confidential Hotline enables members of the whole community to participate in protecting children in an easy and effective way. As well as emergency cases and information about possible abuse situations, we also receive calls alerting us to new migrant children to the city and requests for information about our training and education programs.

M’Lop Tapang is proud to be the implementing partner of the ChildSafe Movement program for the Sihanoukville area. Our ChildSafe team recruits, trains, certifies, and follows up on network agents. ChildSafe community members include individuals and businesses that are in ideal positions to be on the lookout for children in dangerous situations and include hotel/ guesthouse/restaurant staff, taxi drivers, and beach sellers. The ChildSafe team is also working with local and private schools in providing lessons to teach children and youth about online safety.

M’Lop Tapang’s Child Protection and ChildSafe teams also partner with beach-working children to create networks of trained youth on all Sihanoukville beaches to help keep themselves and their peers safe from abuse. “Youth Protecting Youth” is the motto of the Kid’s Beach Network. All children and youth in the group receive training on how to keep themselves and their peers safe from abuse.