Reintegration & Alternative Care


Reintegration and Alternative Care

M’Lop Tapang believes that the best place for children to grow up is with their families, and if this is not safe, a family-like setting. Once a child that has been separated from her/ his family has been identified and assessed, our teams build a reintegration plan for that child, including careful tracing of the family, solving the issues that led the child to become separated from family, reunification to family and follow up on their reintegration (Case management)

When a child has becomes separated from her/ his family, or if a child is in immediate danger of violence, neglect or sexual abuse, a safe shelter is needed for the child to remain protected whilst our reintegration team finds a solution to reintegrate the child to their family/ community. M’Lop Tapang has a Transitional Home, providing safe nighttime services to boys and girls that need immediate shelter on a temporary basis. M’Lop Tapang also has a Foster Care program for younger children needing support and Independent Living programs for Youth that are in vocational training or have no safe family members to live with.