Drugs & Alcohol Harm Reduction


Drugs and Alcohol Harm Reduction

M’Lop Tapang runs Prevention, Harm Reduction and Relapse Prevention services for drug and alcohol users. These are delivered in the community, in prisons, and at our detox and rehab center. We aim to provide a continuum of care through careful case management, including family reintegration, emotional support, referrals into education or vocational training and eventual job placement into safe employment.

‘Phteah Romchang’, our Drugs and Alcohol Detoxification and Rehabilitation center, operates as a 24-hour residential treatment facility. It continues to be the only medically supported detox center in the area.

The Drugs Team regularly works with known drug using youth throughout the Sihanoukville area on the streets, beaches, and in the communities and neighborhoods. The team also provides preventative education to the general community about the dangers of using drugs. The team also works with young offenders currently incarcerated in the local prison with a known history of drug abuse and offers relapse prevention services, and link the youth to other services when they are released from prison.

Our teams also continue to organize and lead an Alcohol Support Group for parents suffering with alcoholism. The support group helps drinkers come to terms with their addiction, identify the problems their addictions are causing, understand the negative impacts on their families’ economic situation and health, and eventually reduce intake and try to give up their addiction.