Education and School Reintegration

M’Lop Tapang continues to provide a variety of education programs for disadvantaged children including remedial classes to help children catch up with their studies and support for students to stay in school.

The “Bridging / Non formal Education Program” at our Education Center helps children and youth who have never been to school (or have been out of school for a long time) catch up with their studies. The program uses a curriculum developed in collaboration with the Department of Education. The goal remains that these students will be reintegrated into the local public school system at a grade level suitable for their age. The Education Center also houses classes for preschool and kindergarten aged children as well as a class for students with Special Needs.

The “Back to School Program” assists families who cannot afford to send their children to public school. Although public school is officially free for all Cambodian children, families are still required to pay for school uniforms and supplies. For many of the poorest families, these costs prevent them from sending their children to school.

Our Distance Education program supports learning for students in three schools located outside the Sihanoukville area through providing material and technical support.