Outreach & Family Strengthening


Outreach and Family Strengthening

M’Lop Tapang’s Outreach social workers work with children, their families and the community to ensure that children are growing up safely with loving families and that the rights of the child are being respected.

Our approach is always to partner with families, helping them to identify problems that are affecting their children’s development, and work alongside them to find lasting solutions to these issues. Our Outreach Team social workers provide many family support services, from practical interventions such as training, setting up small businesses to increase income, urgent house repairs so the family can safely live in their homes, to more psycho- social support services such as counseling, building confidence, skillful parenting lessons, alcohol and drug support services, and problem solving within relationships.

A Mobile Library brings teaching lessons, age appropriate books, toys, games and medical care to disadvantaged children living in impoverished neighborhoods. The program also allows our teams to maintain regular contact with families living in these areas and the chance to connect with new children and families to the area that are in need of support.

M’Lop Tapang also operates a Community Education Center in one of the poorer areas of the city. The center provides disadvantaged children living in the area access to non-formal education classes, health care, daily nutrition, and areas for play and recreation. A daytime Baby Care program at the facility provides working parent with affordable day care.