Vocational Training & Employment Services


Vocational Training and Employment Services

M’Lop Tapang’s Vocational Training Programs help vulnerable youth (aged 15 years and older) secure decent work that will allow them to lead a more dignified life. Areas of training include sewing, bicycle and motor repair, electrics and plumbing, and cookery and hospitality. Once a student is confident in their abilities and has completed the required training, our Jobs Placement Officer assists him or her to find a safe work placement and provides postemployment follow-up. In partnership with local authorities, all graduates receive an official certificate of completion from the Provincial Department of Labor and Vocational Training.

Sandan, a member of the Tree-Alliance network of training restaurants provide our cooking and hospitality students with valuable hands-on practice as part of their training. Tapang’s Moto Repair Shop is also open to the general public and provides students with practical customer service experience prior to graduating from the training program.

Our Home Based Production Program helps poor families develop a steady, safe source of income generation. Parents completing a sewing training program are provided with sewing machines to work with from their homes. The products they produce are sold in the Tapang’s Gift Shops and other outlets.

“Futures” is an employment program for young people and their caretakers. The program was designed partnership with Mith Samlanh and Friends-International and provides participants with skills and needs assessments, social support, employment training and technical support (job readiness, micro- enterprise, tips on becoming a top employee, staying in jobs, preparing CV’s, job searching, interview techniques), and connections to reputable employers.