Sinat* and her husband live in Phnom Kiev, one of the poorer areas of the city. They have two children; one school aged girl and one 18 months old boy.

Sinat and her husband earn a living by selling food on the streets. They don’t earn very much and even less when Sinat needs to stay home to take care of her young son. As every parent knows, finding safe affordable day care can be very difficult.

Recently, Sinat learned about the Baby Care Program at M’Lop Tapang’s Community Education Center. The program provides day-time care for children under the age of 5 years old and includes supervised care, nutrition, medical, and fun learning activities. The cost to parents is 2000Riel/day (USD $0.50).

For the last 3 months with her youngest child in the Baby Care Program has meant that Sinat can work more outside the home. Her income now has increased to about $10 USD/day (about 50% more than she was earning before). The increased income has allowed her to be able to buy better food and other necessities for the entire family.

*name and photo changed for confidentiality