Meet ‘Put”…

Recently our teams have been going out into the streets late, late at night – 2 and 3 am in the morning. One of the team has been ‘Put’. With his permission we are happy to share his story.

Put is 20 years old now, but when he was just 14 years old he was living and working on the streets and had never been to school. That is when M’Lop Tapang met him. For the last several years he has been with M’Lop Tapang and just last year he became a volunteer in our Arts Team. If you have even been to any of our concerts you will have seen him on stage as he is a terrific circus performer.

It was wonderful to have Put join the staff as they went out late at night. As someone who had lived on the streets before he is in a great position to talk to other children who are living and working on the streets now. A wonderful role model! Thank you Put!

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