The “Bridging Program” at our Education Center, with a curriculum developed in collaboration with the Department of Education, helps children and youth who have never been to school (or have been out of school for a long time) catch up with their studies. The goal is one day they will be reintegrated into the local public school system at a grade level suitable for their age.

Recently, the Department of Education helped our teachers give examinations to group of 22 students in the Bridging Program who we thought might be ready to reintegrate back into the public school system at a Grade 7 level.  Of the 22 students who took the exam, 20 scored high enough that they will now be attending classes a local public school when the new school year starts.

These 20 students will join nearly 1,000 other boys and girls in M’Lop Tapang’s “Back to School” program that provides school uniforms, books, and other supplies that are needed to attend local public schools. Our team also provides regular follow-up of the children in the Back to School Program to monitor their attendance and progress.