Ny*, 19, is one of our top students at Sandan and soon will be graduating from the training program. Like all of the students learning at the restaurant, Ny comes from a disadvantaged background. We sat down recently with Ny to ask him how studying at Sandan has impacted his life.

I stopped going to school in grade 9. Soon after the social worker for Sandan asked my mom if I would like to study cooking and hospitality at Sandan.

I spent the first 6 months learning in the canteen at M’Lop Tapang’s Education Center and then I came to study at Sandan. I have been here 1 ½ years.

Since I started studying at Sandan I feel that I have a better attitude, before I would fight with my family a lot but I understand them now and do not feel angry all the time. I also can now read and speak some English; this will help me in the future.

After I finish Sandan I plan to find a job in a nice restaurant or hotel in Sihanoukville.”

*name changed for confidentiality