“ I used to be one of those kids on the beach ”
When Sopheak was 13 years old she used to go to the beach after school to sell bracelets to the tourists.

“Every day, I saw many problems happened in the beach such as abuse, kids use glue, violence to the kids when they steal something from the tourist in the beach and also lots of children sleep and working at the beach.

One day I met M’Lop Tapang Child Protection team and they were explained me about child protection service, after they explain me very clearly about that they asked me to join Kid’s Beach Network group, so I was decided to join network.

After seven years of Kid’s Beach Network, the Child Protection team asked me to volunteer with their team because they know that I can work and provide training to the new members of the kid’s network.
Few months later, I became a child protection staff due to I work hard and like the children. The reason that I wanted to work in M’Lop Tapang organization because this organization is big organization in Sihanoukville and can change me to be a better life, so I think that this organization would be could change some of these children to be a better way as they can.

In the future, I hope there are no street children; no child abuse, violence and no children use glue or drug in Sihanoukville. I want to see all these children are safety and live with their family with full of happiness and have a good job the same as me.

Thank you very M’Lop Tapang for giving me a better life and without M’Lop Tapang my life will be very bad and will work at the beach forever. “

Sopheak is 20 years old now. She finished high school since 2013 and in addition to working at M’Lop Tapang will soon start studying English Literature at university.