Signs of Safety” is an integrated framework for how to do child intervention work. So far this year more than 50 M’Lop Tapang social workers have received training on how to use this framework when working with children. Importantly, our social workers are already integrating signs of safety elements in our response to those cases with a high risk of harm.

Sreytouch* is a 5 month old baby born to young mother living in a poor area near the railway tracks. The mother is HIV+.  As the baby was severely underweight our team has been following up with mother and baby regularly.

After learning and applying the signs of safety approach, our social workers discovered that there are many underlying problems with the mother that we did not know before -specifically a history of domestic violence.  Having a clearer understanding of the issues, the Outreach Team has now coordinated with our Child Protection Team and is now providing Sreytouch’s mother with more targeted support and information.

Learn more about the “Signs of Safety” framework: https://www.dcp.wa.gov.au/Resources/Documents/Policies%20and%20Frameworks/SignsOfSafetyFramework2011.pdf

*name changed for confidentiality