Off the streets and into school…

When Thet* was just a young boy his father died. The family has always been poor and after the father’s death they struggled even more. At age 12 he moved his grandmother from the rural province of Kampot to Sihanoukville hoping for a better life.

In Sihanoukville young Thet worked on the streets and beach collecting cans and bottles to sell to support himself and his grandmother. It was on the beach that Thet met a group of older boys who threatened him and forced him to steal money for them. He was very afraid and knew that they would beat him up if he did not do what they said.

Our Child Protection team first met Thet after receiving a call from the local police. Thet had been arrested for stealing. The local police wanted to help the young boy and asked M’Lop Tapang for advice and assistance. We are very happy to report that Thet, now 13-years old, is now off the streets and studying at our Main Center with others. He is excited to be in school for the first time ever and tells us he wants to be a mechanic in the future when he grows up.

*name and photo changed for confidentiality