Kosal* was born in a small rural rice-farming village.  The youngest of five children, his father died when Kosal was just young boy. Like the other families in his village he grew up in poverty. He dropped out of school before finishing because his family could afford to continue to send him to study.

In his late teens Kosal moved to Sihanoukville in hopes of finding employment and a better life.  For a couple of years he worked when he could as a fisherman.  In late 2014, after meeting with one of M’Lop Tapang’s social workers, Kosal enrolled in our vocational training program to study mechanics and motor repair.

We are very pleased to report that after studying very hard for about one and a half years, Kosal recently graduated from the training program and with the assistance of our Jobs Placement Officer he has now found full-time safe employment at a local motor repair shop.  Kosal is now earning a salary of $225/month.  With this new steady income the young man is helping to provide support to his family back home and saving for his future. He is hoping that one day he will run his own auto repair shop.

*Name and photo changed for confidentiality