7 year old Veasna* has cerebral palsy (CP). He is one of the children that staff from the Special Needs program visit at home regularly and work with him and his parents. A year ago he could not sit up by himself but now, with regular physiotherapy, he can.

Veasna’s father is a fisherman and his mother sells the fish at a local market. The family’s monthly income is about $130. Although poor, his parents are remarkable in the amount of time they devote to using the physiotherapy techniques that our team teaches them.

Their efforts are clearly paying off we watch Veasna become more independent. One of the young boy’s favorite things to do now is ride around the neighborhood on his tricycle. “And he is really fast!” Veasna’s father laughingly told us “One day he was almost at the end of the road before we noticed. The neighbors all see him now.”

*name changed for confidentiality