My brothers and me are happy to study here now because we have made some new friends already.”

Vibol* is a 13 year old boy, the oldest of four children.  Like all of the children we work with, Vibol comes from a poor family. Vibol had been going to school here in Sihanoukville when he was younger but in 2015 he had to leave school when his parents decided to move to the family Thailand to look for work.  In Thailand his parents earned an income as manual laborers at construction sites and while they went to work Vibol stayed home to look after his younger brothers.

Recently the family moved back to Cambodia to live in Sihanoukville again.  The father found work as a day laborer and Vibol stayed home with his mother and younger brothers.  Our Outreach Team met the family when they were visiting another family in the neighborhood.

Last month Vibol started studying again, attending classes at M’Lop Tapang’s Education Center in our program that helps children catch up with their studies.  Two of his younger brothers have also starting attending classes in the program (the youngest sibling who is not school age is staying at home with the mother).

Learn more about the classes at our Education Center: http://mloptapang.org/projects/back-to-school/