M’Lop Tapang’s Vocational Training Programs help vulnerable youth secure decent work that will allow them to lead a more dignified life. Areas of training include sewing, bicycle and motor repair, electrics and plumbing, and cookery and hospitality.

18 year old Chenda* grew up in a poor family. His mother is a beach food vendor and his father works as a construction laborer. The family couldn’t afford to keep sending Chenda to school and he dropped out in Grade 4 to stay home to take care of his younger sister and brothers.

In 2017, after one of our Outreach social workers met Chenda and told him about M’Lop Tapang vocational training programs, the young teenager joined the program to learn about motorcycle repair. Chenda recently completed his training and with the assistance of our Jobs Placement Officer has found safe, full-time employment with the Honda Company here in Sihanoukville.

*name and photo changed for confidentiality

If you know of a disadvantaged youth living in the local area that could benefit from our training programs you can contact us at through our Hotline at 012 478 100. If you are a local business owner that would like to help support training and jobs for youth please contact our “Futures” employment services office at: futures@mloptapang.org