Sophat* and his wife live with their two children in a very small wooden house just outside of Sihanoukville.  The father earns $75/month taking care of his neighbor’s farm and it is a struggle to support his family.

Recently Sophat was given 3 small pigs by the Outreach Team.  The plan is for him to raise the pigs and in about 6 months they will grow big enough so he can sell them at the market.  With the money he makes for selling these pigs he can pay back M’Lop Tapang and also have the funds to buy more pigs to raise.

Out Outreach team works with many families like Sophat in the local area by helping them to start small sustainable businesses so that they can have a steady income to better provide for their children’s needs.

June 2016 Update:  Sophat is doing very well with raising the pigs. The livestock is healthy and each of the pigs now weighs about 60 kg.  As planned, when the pigs reach 80kg he will take them to the market to sell (each 80kg pig can be sold for approximately $150) .  Sophat has also decided that he will keep one of the female pigs that thinks will be able to produce many offspring in the future and thus continue his business.



*name changed for confidentiality