Helping poor families with small scale income generating businesses so that they can better provide for their children’s needs.

Sreyneth* is a grandmother taking care of her two grandchildren (2 boys, aged 10 and 12 years old). To support her family she makes “num anksom” (rice and bean cakes) that she sells at the market. It is very hard work – she stays up late cooking and gets up early in the morning to go to sell her cakes at the market.

The Outreach Team at M’Lop Tapang has has loaned her $50 to buy supplies she needs to cook (no interest to pay back). Before she met M’Lop Tapang she had to borrow money sometimes from local money lenders the interest rate was 20% per month!

By selling the cakes her cakes she can make about $12.5/day profit. She is very happy that M’Lop Tapang has helped and she is able to pay down her old debts that she owes

Now I owe less money and don’t worry about my debt as much as before

Her two grandchildren that she takes care of are now going to MT Education Center for school (they went to local school before but dropped out because of fighting) The family also uses the MT Medical Clinic when the children get sick and also Sreyneth gets medical care there too for a chronic injury on her leg.

*name changed for confidentiality